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It’s that time of year where things start to warm up, the sun decides it wants to see KY again, and we start to imagine life on the other side of winter. Yay! I mean…I’m thankful for all types of weather…but a whole lot extra thankful for warm weather. Give me poolside or beach side or days in my garden and I’m a happy girl. Spring time also means…time to book your family’s spring session! Y’all, I am SO excited for 2019. I’m fighting to get through all these changes and prep work on the back end so it can be the best year yet. I just know it’s going to be. Bookings are all well under way. A couple things to keep in mind…

* We are booking 8 full signature sessions a month and mini sessions are only scheduled a few days out of the year, with the exception of special mini days here and there (like the mini branding & headshot sessions coming up at the end of this month). Which means…contact me as soon as you think you may be wanting to book a session so we are sure to have your spot held. Help me make this the best year yet for our little love filled business!

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I just can’t wait to see you all this year! Yay!

5 tips to prepare for your family lifestyle photo session

  1. Make sure everyone is fed and rested. Trust me, I know how hard that can be with little ones. It seems like it’s the days we need them to nap that they fight it. Trust me, they know something special is happening. Try to make the day as easy going as possible. Try to pick a day that is not full of activities (which I know can be a tall feat in and of itself). Don’t go swimming all day or do anything you know will wear them out. If your session is later in the evening when the light is ideal, be sure to give little ones a later nap or rest. Make sure everyone is fed so we have no “hangry” littles or bigs. Bring along “clean” snacks (you know…not too messy) and water or even a picnic. I always love this portion of sessions too!

  2. Check expectations & wrap yourselves in grace. Kids will be kids. The beauty of a lifestyle family session is that we want them to be just that…themselves. Let them be little and have fun with them. Let go of the “pressure to behave”. I know that sounds crazy, but if we are fussing at them the whole time, then this session won’t be fun for any of you. They may not sit still at any point and that’s okay. I have worked with all sorts of kiddos and have lots of tricks up my sleeves to get good images through the chaos. I’ll tell you a little secret…I love it when kids have fun during sessions…I embrace the chaos. It’s often these times that we get some of the most real and fun pictures. Our goal is to capture your wiggly, silly, fun, kiddos exactly as they are right now. Because with all of that is also love. This too shall pass.

  3. Let the littles know you will be having a play date with your friend, Miss Cilla. Make it sound as fun and exciting as it is without putting a lot of pressure on them. Even better, show them my picture so they know what to expect.

  4. Plan a special treat for after the photo shoot. Ice cream, a special dinner, a dance party, something your family loves. Not as a bribe, but as part of the experience. Something else to look forward to. In fact, I discourage bribes and encourage you to just play and breathe, and have fun with your little ones.

  5. See this as a celebration of your family and a chance to just love on and appreciate each person you hold so dear. Take the pressure off for this to be anything but that. This isn’t a time for you all to be perfect. It’s just a time to be. To be together. To love each other and have fun. Just take a deep deep breath and play. Or, for your older kiddos, just hang out with them. I love for client friends to think about a few things they love about each other ahead of time and whisper these as they are snuggled in for pictures. Or you could write a little love note to each of your kiddos just before so they know this is all about love and there is no pressure to be anything else but themselves.

Bonus Tip: What to wear…Wear what makes you feel like yourself…what makes you feel beautiful…and what you are comfortable in. That’s it. That’s the key. If you want to go further and coordinate, I suggest picking a color and weaving it throughout your family and make sure each person is wearing something that is their style and personality. My only request is that you don’t all wear the same thing. Try not to be too matchy as this takes away a lot of the personality of things. I’ve also put together a couple what to wear pinterest boards for families and maternity. You can see those HERE.

The main thing to remember is just to simply breathe, love your family, and have fun. That’s all it takes. Please don’t wait for “just the right moment” because before you know it all the moments have passed and in 20 years you’ll realize that every moment was just about the right one.

So much love,


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2019 goals | kentucky photographer and dreamer {Priscilla Baierlein Photography}

Hi, friend! I’m not sure if you know this about me, but I am a bit of a dreamer. I love to make big plans and to get organized with all the things related to those big plans. For the last three or so years I have taken the end of a year and the beginning of the next to really think about what it is I feel in my bones I’m called to. Where do I want to be when I’m 80? What do I want to say I have done? What goals can I set right now to help me get there one day? I love this time of year. I get out my Powersheets, my journals, my calendar, my favorite pen, my colorful markers and highlighters. I mean…it looks like an office supply store in my living room floor. I write down all the things and see how all the things can and will happen.

The problem? While I felt these things in my heart and knew they were what I felt pulled to, I don’t know if I ever really worked on my belief in myself. Instead, I would make all these plans and then, I was like Dory, I would just keep swimming…just keep going…but for me…it was just barely. Through the depression. Through the anxiety. Through the fears. I was swimming, but I was also fighting against the current.

Last year something big happened. I started to make a mind shift. I started to learn how and see how the “magic” combination for success is an unbreakable faith…a belief…a knowing paired with hard work and determination. Not only that, I found something that really truly helped with my depression and anxiety, which allows me to believe. When I visualize the end of this year, I know in my heart what can and will be when I pair together that faith and that determination.

My ultimate goal is to live a long and healthy life filled with moments where I have chosen love…where I am constantly connected to the one who created me and that still small voice…that light…inside me and I use that to guide me. I leave fear behind. I use the gifts that God has given to me to serve those I come into contact with. I want to love and serve big and loud.

My 2019 goals to get me there…

  • Grow in faith and a constant connection to God and that still small voice.

    How (my mini goals):

    1. Begin and end my days with gratitude.

    2. Attend and be active in our church.

    3. Read the Bible daily.

    4. Pray with Steff.

    5. Keep the Sabbath.

    6. Create a gratitude routine with my family.

  • Cultivate healthy, sustainable habits to grow a healthy life…physically and mentally. (I feel like I would be a fraud if I didn’t mention that I am writing this while drinking a Pepsi and eating a chocolate chip cookie. Monday…I’ll start Monday.)


    1. Create a routine that clicks with me and takes some of the need for will power away.

    2. Move my body every day.

    3. Early to bed, early to rise.

    4. Write goals/visualizations every day.

    5. Meditate and pray daily.

    6. Eat clean foods that nourish my body 90% of the time.

lexington-ky-family-lifestyle-photography-priscilla-baierlein-photography_0003 copy.jpg

  • Grow a life giving, peaceful home…full of joy, love, and empathy.


    1. Continue to learn and grow in becoming a more peaceful parent.

    2. Create new sustainable rituals and habits to grow connection and trust in each other and allows each of us to thrive.

    3. Have a fun, love filled vacation and other adventures.

    4. Only allow things into our home and our life that matches our “personal style” (more on this later) and get rid of the clutter.

    5. Grow a successful garden.

    6. Love my little family well daily and remember “I get to”.


  • Grow a love filled business to (insert double income) and show my people (by the way…you are my people) how absolutely loved they are.


    1. Create a VIP group.

    2. Say yes and just do the things I feel pulled to over and over again.

    3. Begin mentoring and create resources that will serve.

    4. 72 shoots this year.

    5. Create sustainable marketing plan.

    6. Automate and streamline workflow.

    7. Stay up to date with finances.

    8. Create a routine.

    9. Hire out editing.

    10. Finish up the Blueprint and TPL ( I believe strongly in constantly growing and both of these have been a huge asset to me…I just need to finish them :)).

  • Love Bret well.


    1. Date nights.

    2. 1 trip together

    3. Join each other in personal development.

    4. Big kiss and hug when he gets home from work.


It all looks like so much when I type it out like that, but it’s all really do-able and most are about creating habits. No matter what…each goal has to be filled with so much grace and love. It’s not about perfection. It’s about the journey. It’s about letting go of the fear and moving forward. Knowing that this is what I’m meant for…being flexible in the how…and working hard to move towards the goal…no matter how slowly I get there.